"… -pT:21-23,25,53,80-81,110,119,137,143,161,443,445,465,623,993,995,1023,1434,1900,2323,3306,3389,5000-5001,5432,5560,5632,5900,6379,7777,8000,8080,8129,8443,9200,11211,27017,28017 …"

Integrating nmap with Shodan.


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I have just uploaded the latest mirror of various Maltego Entities to SourceForge, including those recently released from shodan.io

I have moved this from Google Code since the download feature has been deprecated.

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RDP Vulnerability on Microsoft Small Business Server (June 2012)

Following on from March 2012, I have recreated the Maltego Graph of web servers for Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) with RDP (possibly) enabled with the release of MS12-036 on “Patch Tuesday” i.e. 12 June 2012.

There has been an increase of 1 web server (i.e. total of 270 from 271) since March 2012.

Both Maltego Graphs with the SHODAN and BuiltWith Transforms are available on GitHub